26th July 2019

Same Home, Smarter Energy

Why join Tribe?

The energy ecosystem is undergoing profound change. We are shifting away from centralised, coal fired power generation towards a low carbon, distributed network of energy prosumers. Homes across the country are morphing into micro-power-stations, and that, combined with the mass electrification of transport, means that the need for smart energy management to help balance the grid couldn’t be greater.

It sounds like a huge change, something that would need to take place on an industrial level, but the truth is the opposite. Individual homes are where the change will happen, and Tribe will help you be part of it.

We’re driving this positive change forward, by intelligently optimising energy assets. Tribe makes sure you’re making the most of your solar energy or low-cost electricity from the grid, while also bringing your home into the future.

Get Connected

  • Join a network of energy prosumers
  • Turn your house into a smart home

Save Energy & Money

  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Cut your carbon footprint

Get Energy Independence

  • Reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources
  • Benefit from locally generated clean energy

By joining Tribe today, you’ll help accelerate the transition to a smart, digitised, zero carbon world where energy is both sustainable and low cost; you’ll become a member of a global community of energy prosumers able to enjoy and share the benefits of locally generated clean energy.

The Hub

The engine of the system, using advanced artificial intelligence to monitor, control, optimise and automate energy flows within the house and turn it into a smart home.

The Hub is fully automated to boost the use of low cost, clean energy, so you don’t have to. The Hub uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to learn energy profiles and predict future patterns. Tribe combines predictions with price signals and weather data, and optimises your appliances and devices to make sure your home is running at peak efficiency.

The App

The intuitive user interface and gateway to a fully automated, energy efficient, low carbon lifestyle.

With sub-second metering and real time visibility of individual energy flows within the home, the App is a cutting-edge energy monitoring and control system. The App allows Tribe to communicate with a wide range of solar inverters and batteries in the home, helping customers maximise value from their solar system and electricity tariff.


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