30th July 2019


Be part of the smart energy revolution

The digital energy revolution has arrived, and it’s making a huge difference to homes across the world. Tribe is looking to create a local network of sales partners and installers, providing wide reach for our smart home solution.

The energy ecosystem is undergoing profound change. We are shifting away from centralised, coal fired power generation towards a low carbon, distributed network of energy prosumers. Tribe enables and accelerates this positive change by intelligently optimising energy assets within the home to ensure you’re making the most of your solar energy or low-cost electricity from the grid.

With homes morphing into micro-power stations, combined with the mass electrification of transport, the need for smart energy management to help balance the grid couldn’t be greater.

By joining Tribe today, you’ll help accelerate the transition to a smart, digitised, zero carbon world where energy is both sustainable and low cost; you’ll become a member of a global community of energy prosumers able to enjoy and share the benefits of locally generated clean energy.

A unique product

  • and the opportunity to benefit from new revenue streams with our smart home solution

A strong culture of innovation

  • and a cutting-edge home energy management system that sets us apart from the competition

A customer-focused strategy

  • that aligns with consumer interests to deliver well-executed, profitable projects

Additional revenue

  • from attractive sales commissions and installation fees

High-tech monitoring & remote access

When you join Tribe, you’ll get access to our bespoke Installers’ App. This dedicated central platform gives you full portfolio visibility, and allows you to keep a close eye on all your customers and their solar performance.

Our Installers’ App is designed to ease the installation process, and allow you to better support your customers. It gives you…

> Full configuration of PV/Battery/EV system via the app

> Setup capabilities for Tribe Box on the local Network

> Automated testing of key components

> Commissioning report

Tribe gives you detailed insights into how well your systems are working, and allows you to get ahead of the game and offer added benefits. The Tribe App gives you the opportunity to run pre-emptive maintenance and alerts you to any emergencies or faults, as well as letting you give your customers extra tips and tricks on how to maximise their savings. Cut your operation costs and enhance your customer relationships – it’s just that simple!

Better returns

With Tribe, you and your customers will get unrivalled visibility over energy use and solar performance, as well as significant control over the entire system. Your customers can use Tribe to maximise their use of solar energy, by and relying on the clever algorithm to shift and prioritise loads in the home, as well as making the best use of ‘day/night’ tariffs. All these factors together add up to allow your customers to save even more money.


Outstrip your competitors

Tribe allows you to position your business on the cutting edge of energy technology. Our decades of solar expertise and the knowledge built up by managing 2GW of solar assets across the globe have allowed us to develop the high-tech components and ground-breaking algorithms that power Tribe. We’re constantly developing and improving our product, and as an installer you and your customers will benefit from the automatic updates we’ll be rolling out.

Interested in becoming a Tribe partner?

Email spain@go-tribe.com to find out more