12th October 2018

Inside Tribe - the knowledge power of 2GW

We spend a lot of time talking about how smart Tribe is, and while a lot of that intelligence is down to the time and effort we’ve put into figuring out the best way to manage your home’s energy, it’s worth mentioning that the star of the show is the cutting-edge technology…

Part of what makes Tribe such a unique solution is our pedigree – Tribe is brought to you by a dedicated innovation, research and development team. Our technology experts have brought their significant expertise in creating Tribe – a smart energy management system designed to help homeowners cut their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. We’re giving control back to the customer, one house at a time, and we’re looking for channel partners to be part of our home energy revolution.

Which takes us on to the point of this post – what actually is Tribe? Yes, it’s a smart energy management system, but what does that really mean? When you join Tribe, what joins you at home? The answer is simple…

You’ll get the Tribe Box, the brains of the system, which has the ability to measure consumption, generation and loads for your property. Once the box is installed, you’ll get a subscription to the Tribe App, a unique smart monitoring system that lets you keep an eye on your energy use, and helps you take control.

Tribe is flexible and intelligent. The App and Hub work together to learn your home’s energy rhythms, and connect with any WiFi-enabled smart plugs, EV chargers, air-conditioning units and immersion heaters for hot water tanks to make sure your devices are running at the most cost-effective time of day for your tariff or energy system. That way, you’re making the most of low-cost energy, without needing to lift a finger!

So there you have it - saving money on your electricity has never been so simple.