8th August 2019

Smart Homes - what's the deal?

We talk a lot about turning your house into a smart home, but what does that really mean? No, we’re not calling your home dumb, we’re talking about interconnectivity! A smart home is simply a house that runs more efficiently, saving you time, effort, electricity and of course, money.

Tribe is one of the easiest ways to transform your home into a smart home, giving you a complete overview of your energy profile and shifting your usage to save power and money.

So, you’ve got the Tribe Hub and Tribe App, your home is running more efficiently without you having to lift a finger… Now what? Can it get even better?

You bet it can. Adding smart plugs to your home allows Tribe to take even more control of your energy usage, saving you even more electricity and cutting your bills even further. Smart plugs are WiFi-connected outlets that plug into your wall sockets, allowing you to connect with your devices remotely via the Tribe App. Use smart plugs and Tribe to run your dishwasher while you’re at work, making the most of your solar generation. Left the aircon on while you’re out? Use Tribe to switch it off from the office, and don’t waste money!

Combining Tribe with smart plugs allows you to run your home without wasting energy, and helps you to save even more money on your electricity bills. Find a Tribe Installer near you to find out more!