Tribe is new and exciting…

… and so people often have questions about what we do. This page is all about answering those questions so you can really understand what we’re all about.

What is Tribe?

What is Tribe?

Tribe is a global community of smart homes and energy prosumers using Tribe’s intelligent Hub and App to monitor, control and optimise energy flows within the home. Tribe’s cutting-edge energy management solution is designed to help households make the most of the solar energy they generate, and take advantage of low-cost, off-peak electricity from the grid, to reduce their energy bills. By enabling homes to be more efficient with the solar energy they generate, Tribe helps accelerate the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon energy system.

Who is behind Tribe?

Tribe was developed by Lightsource BP, a leading global solar developer with experience managing 2GW of energy assets. The team behind Tribe has significant innovation, research and development expertise and is dedicated to leading the home energy revolution.


How does Tribe work?

How does it work?

The Tribe Hub and App work seamlessly together in your home. The Hub measures how much energy your home is generating and using, whilst the App looks at weather, consumption patterns and electricity tariffs to ensure you’re using energy in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Does Tribe work without solar?

Tribe can help any homes with ‘smart loads’ (i.e. devices or appliances which can be controlled via the internet) and ensure they’re consuming electricity at the lowest cost. However, you’ll be able to obtain the most amount of value from Tribe if you have a compatible solar and battery system, which can be optimised to charge, discharge and divert excess energy to maximise savings.

What does the Tribe App do?

The Tribe App allows you to monitor, control and optimise your home’s energy flows while you’re on the go. By taking into account consumption patterns, weather data and tariff information, the Tribe App ensures you’re maximising use of free solar energy or cheap electricity from the grid. The Tribe App also allows you to turn on and off appliances remotely, and to schedule their operation, to ensure they only operate when electricity is cheapest.

Sounds great, how do I join?

We are building a network of reliable, qualified partners – a full list of Tribe partners near you is coming soon!

What batteries work with Tribe?

Tribe is compatible with a wide range of home battery systems including LG Chem, BYD and Pylontech. In order to confirm if your battery will work with Tribe, you will need to let your installer know the make and model of your battery system and hybrid inverter.

What do I pay for?

When you join Tribe, you’ll need to pay for the Tribe Hub, plus the cost of its installation, and an annual subscription to the Tribe App.

How do I pay?

The payment process for the Tribe Hub will depend on your choice of Tribe Partner and will need to be discussed directly with them. The annual Tribe App subscription fee can be paid by card via the Tribe App.

Do I need to update Tribe Hub or App periodically?

The Tribe Hub and App are periodically updated remotely so you can enjoy the latest features developed by the Tribe team. We will notify you when these updates are available and when they’re due to be downloaded to your Tribe system. The Tribe Hub does not require any on-site maintenance unless there is a system fault which cannot be fixed remotely.


Tribe requirements

Who can join Tribe?

Joining Tribe is simple, and pretty much anyone can do it! All you need is a home and a smart phone.

What do I need to have the Tribe Hub installed in my home?

You just need to have a stable WiFi connection and space near your consumer unit (your fuse box) to install the Tribe Hub. The Tribe Hub measures L210xW200xD35mm (subject to change).

Do I need smart plugs?

No, you do not need smart plugs to benefit from Tribe but adding them to your home can give you greater control of your energy and therefore higher savings. We would suggest that if you don’t have smart plugs already, take some time to get used to how Tribe works before deciding if you will benefit from buying them.



What happens during the installation?

Our Tribe Installer will need between 1 and 2 hours to install Tribe. During this time, they will fit the Tribe Hub to the wall and connect it to your home. The Installer will then help you get set up on the Tribe App, so you can hit the ground running once they leave.

What if I have a power cut?

If you experience a power cut, the Tribe Hub will turn off because it’s powered by the mains. But there’s no need to worry, because the Hub will restart itself once power is restored and your App will pick up where it left off. A key feature of the Tribe system is that it self-monitors and will alert us if there are any ongoing issues which need our attention.

If I move house, can I take Tribe with me?

It is possible to take Tribe with you, as long as your new property is suitable. If this is something you are considering, let us know with as much notice as possible so we can advise you on suitability and how to uninstall/reinstall.

Who should I contact if something isn’t working?

We monitor all systems remotely and try to spot any issues and fix them without you needing lifting a finger. However, if you notice something that we don’t, you can let us know via the Support section on the App, or by emailing us at

Does the Tribe Hub come with a warranty?

We provide a 2-year warranty on all Tribe Hubs. For peace of mind Tribe systems are CE and RCM-marked.

Do I have to pay for the installation?

Your Tribe Installer will need to charge for the installation work; costs vary depending on the complexity of the installation.



Who are Tribe Partners?

We are building a network of reliable, qualified partners – a full list of Tribe partners near you is coming soon!

How can I become a Tribe Partner?

If you are interested in becoming a Tribe Partner, please get in touch with us via email at We will put you in touch with your local Tribe Business Manager who can take you through the process and explain the next steps.

Who can install Tribe?

Only an approved and certified Tribe Installer can install Tribe systems. All Tribe Installers will have completed our comprehensive training program.