3rd August 2018

A battery-powered solar Tribe

Tribe is a big-picture solution for your home, working with lots of different technologies and appliances to help you save money. Our customers see significant changes really quickly, and we’ve worked out that higher savings are being made by homes with solar panels, but that houses fitted with storage alongside solar are able to save even more money with Tribe.

Adding a battery to solar panels allows you to use more renewable electricity, and adding Tribe to your solar and storage system boosts your carbon emission and cash savings even further.

Tribe gives you complete visibility over what your home is producing, storing and using – just a quick glance at the App will tell you how much electricity your solar panels are making, and how much is being stored in the battery, as well as how much energy your home needs. Tribe lets you see what’s going on in your home, and more than that, the clever algorithm works behind the scenes to make small changes that will save you even more money.

Your solar Tribe home could be even more efficient with a battery – but which battery do you go for? There’s a wide range available, but you’re in luck!

Our innovative technology has been specifically designed to be flexible, and our Hub and App will work alongside a huge range of batteries, appliances, brands and power systems. From solar panels to air conditioning, heating and EVs, we’ve created a smart energy management system that works with your home.