30th July 2018

It’s not just about energy

Be part of a smarter energy community

Tribe is a global community dedicated to promoting sustainable living, by controlling how the electricity in your home is used and managed. Tribe provides your family with the ability to use energy more efficiently, saving money as well as reducing your environmental impact.

No big changes needed

You don’t need to change the way your home is wired or invest huge amounts of money into equipment. Simply tuck the Tribe Hub away in a corner of your home, and download the App. The clever technology works behind the scenes, making little tweaks to your home’s routine, and delivering impressive savings.

Tribe is a community

Our mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to reduce your electricity bills and live more sustainably. As a global community, Tribe will have a massive impact on reducing carbon emissions.

App app hooray!

The Tribe App is easy to use and intuitive. It lets you a have a clear overview of what’s going on in your home, and keeps in touch with all your internet-enabled devices. Worried if the heater has been left on before bedtime? Just check the Tribe App to make sure everything is switched off. Or check the Tribe App when you’re on vacation, to make sure you don’t have any shocks, like a busted fridge/freezer when you come home.

Join Tribe today and become part of a smarter energy community.