30th July 2018

How to Tribe like a boss

Todd’s top tips and tricks.

Todd is one of the genius minds behind Tribe, and was one of our very first members – he’s mastered the art of controlling his home’s energy. His roof has solar panels, he’s also installed a battery, and thanks to a few easy tricks, he’s managed to save a lot on his electricity bill. The Tribe App has helped Todd organise his energy use to fit his home, and we’ve convinced him to give up a few of those secrets!

First, Todd has switched to a day & night plan.

Todd: "I switched my plan to a day/night tariff, giving me cheaper electricity when its most needed around the home."

So how do you take full advantage of the day & night plan?

Todd: "I use the Tribe App to time my high-energy appliances, like my dishwasher and washing machine, remotely. I run these around noon during the summer because my panels are producing a lot of solar energy, and at night during winter when my electricity is cheaper."

How does Tribe help you make the most of your solar energy?

Todd: "It’s always cheaper to use the solar energy and what is stored in the battery. The Tribe App helps me to see how and when I can maximise this, and it does a lot of the work for me!  The app knows how much energy my home needs to use, and switches things up during the day to make sure my appliances are running at the cheapest possible times, whether the sun is shining or not.

Has Tribe made your home more efficient?

Todd: "Yes! Through using smart plugs, I’m able to use the Tribe App to see how much energy my appliances use. This was how I discovered that my fridge and kettle were too old and using too much energy, so I bought new energy efficient ones, which saves me money in the long run! I also have an electric car, and by using a smart plug for the charger, Tribe works out when the cheapest time to charge my car and saves me even more.”

Overall, what impact has Tribe had on your home?

Todd: "During the summer, my solar panels generate a great deal of electricity, sometimes more than I would be able to use. By adding Tribe to my home, I’ve managed to change the way I use energy so that over the summer more than 80% of my home’s electricity needs comes from solar. Tribe’s clever algorithms make sure I’m always using the cheapest electricity possible, you can imagine the savings I’m making.”